Amazing Thing iPhone XS Max PRIVACY Glass Screen Protector - Tempered Supreme Glass

Sale priceDhs. 115.00


AMAZING thing Supreme Glass PRIVACY Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Apple iPhone XS Max keeps your information confidential by shielding visibility from people around you. Privacy is extremely important for commuters, regular travelers to allow usage of phones freely to answer sensitive emails or enjoy downtime without worrying about prying eyes looking at your screen. While you can see the screen clearly, people around you see a Blank screen. The Supreme Glass Privacy is only 0.3mm thick but features a high level of 9H Hardness rating to Protect your screen. Amazing Thing Supreme Glass Privacy also features curved rounded edges for a safe, comfortable and precise fit. Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and contaminants making the glass protector easy to clean. The protector is 3D Touch compatible wherein Touch Screen sensitivity is maintained like the original screen. The Protector is purposely manufactured a bit smaller than the original screen size making it a Case Friendly Glass Protector allowing you to install most covers without any problem as long as the case/cover is not touching / pushing up the protector.

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