Fila3D HIPS 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm / 1Kg

Color: Blue
Sale priceDhs. 119.00


HIPS is a lightweight material most commonly used as a dissolvable support structure for ABS models. HIPS, or High Impact Polystyrene, is a dissolvable support material that is commonly used with ABS. When being used as a support material, HIPS can be dissolved in d-Limonene, leaving your print free of any markings caused by support removal. HIPS has many of the same printing properties as ABS, making it a logical dual extrusion partner. Not only is HIPS great for supporting your ABS prints, it’s also more dimensionally stable and slightly lighter than ABS, making it a great choice for parts that would end up getting worn out or used in applications that can benefit from the lighter weight.


  • Spool Net Weight : 1 Kg
  • Diameter : 1.75 mm
  • Diameter Tolerance : +/- 0.02 mm
  • Oval Tolerance : + 0.01 mm
  • Print Temperature : 220-250 °C
  • Hot Bed Temp : 90-100°C

EXTRA-DRY: Fila3D HIPS comes in a vacuum resealable Ziploc bag with silica gel to protect filament from humidity and dust.

SOLUBLE: Fila3D HIPS is soluble in MG Chemicals cat# 433 or 433C series of d-Limonene for dissolving HIPS support material and can be effortlessly post-processed.

PREMIUM: HIPS 3D printing filament engineered to reduce jamming for reliable 3D printed parts.

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