Hisense 120inch Laser TV with Screen Smart Laser TV 120L5

Model Series: L5
Screen Size: 120 Inch
Sale priceDhs. 15,999.00


Hisense Laser Cinema utilizes a massive 120 inches screen that hangs effortlessly to display breathtaking 4K Ultra HD resolution. The ultra short throw Laser console can project the image from a distance of only 13.8in from the wall offering a more natural viewing experience without the need for a specially darkened room powerful audio system makes Hisense Laser Cinema achieves incredible audio performance to bring every scene to life with deep rich bass and clear highs. Bring the cinema home. *120 Optimized Large Screen The Ultra short throw Laser Cinema projects a colourful and bright 4K image onto a massive 120 inches ambient light rejection screen designed for watching in any room in the house.

An ALR screen can cut off ambient light which ensure a stunning picture quality nearly 180 degrees viewing angle makes every seat in your home the best seat. *2700 Lumens Brightness Light 2700 Lumens brightness together with an ALR screen a bright vivid images from Hisense Laser Cinema jump into your eyes. And high Luminance uniformity makes the brightness of each position on the screen is the same then generate brighter images. *Ultra Short Throw technology In the Laser display working system the lens assumes the function which projecting the image from the imaging chip to the required screen sizes. An Ultra Short Throw lens can easily project a large size based on a very close distance. It is very easy to install and fits any room. *Be refreshed by what you see on the screen.

UHD Upscaler upgrades the original content into 4K picture quality allowing you to see more powerful details. High Dynamic Range (HDR) opens up a whole new range of colours and contrast so you can enjoy a stunningly vibrant picture with incredible depth. Pure colour immerses you in colour that s true to reality offering a wider range of shades on display. See the roses in vivid reds grassland in vibrant greens deep ocean in brilliant blues and characters with natural skin tones. *Smooth Motion Fluid motion of fast moving images for uninterrupted viewing designed with DLP technology the fastest moving images are smooth and clear. Laser cinema is ideal for watching sports fast action movies and gaming.

*VIDAA Smart OS With a simplified design that allows you to effortlessly switch between all of your favorite apps (such as Netflix YouTube Prime Video) and devices in three or fewer steps VIDAA U makes it easier and quicker to enjoy a world of on demand entertainment. *Pre installed apps and apps on Apps Now*(apps store) Easily get your favorite content from tons of online resources. Netflix YouTube Prime video It doesn't matter if you are a movie fan a sports fan or a game fan there is always a perfect App that fits to you. We care about you Blue light also known as high energy visible (HEV) light has the shortest wavelength of visible light (380nm to 500nm) and therefore produces the highest amount of energy harmful blue light can damage our eyes. Hisense redesigns blue light emission and adopt less harmful light from Laser light source for beautiful color quality with less harmful blue light. *X Fusion and Laser light Utilises a blue laser light source to deliver sharper more precise images whilst avoiding unwanted light dispersion and offering a more natural viewing experience. *25000+ hours of entertainment Compared with the conventional projector's lamp light source the Laser light source will expand lifespan from 4000 hours to more than 25000 hours. Easy Connect then Enjoy With four HDMI ports available easily connect all of your audio video systems and components from a simple cable box to Laser Cinema then enjoy the rich experience instantly. Laser cinema also has built in TV tuner which can receive process and display the broadcasting TV signal. It refreshes TV concept.

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