HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 Dual SIM Arabic 8GB RAM 512GB 4G LTE - Black

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HUAWEI Mate Xs 2

Ultra Light, Ultra Flat, Super Durable
The New Falcon Wing Design takes this foldable phone to lofty heights.

True-Chroma Foldable Display
The 7.8-inch1 display features 424 ppi and a 120 Hz screen refresh rate, and is less reflective.

Brilliant in Every Way
The 7.8-inch1 True-Chroma Foldable Display features 424 ppi, along with a high resolution of 2480×22006 when unfolded, producing authentic colors and smooth visuals from end-to-end. The screen's Anti-reflection Nano Optical Layer keeps the view clear, even in direct sunlight.

Art Meets Technology
HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 comes in dazzling shades of violet, white and black, which complement a dreamlike 3D Fiberglass Design, making it a breathtaking fusion of color, texture, and cutting-edge tech.

Ultra Flat
This is a phone that folds all the way flat! A pioneering Double-rotating Falcon Wing Hinge ensures full-angle consistent length control so that HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 achieves perfect alignment between the display and hinge.

Huawei Image
The True-Chroma Camera System works wonders in every image, from HUAWEI XD Optics technology, which takes in more light and heightens the level of detail, to the XD Fusion Pro True-Chroma Image Engine, which generates authentic colors that dazzle at just a glance.

Lets Things Slide
Icons and animated themes glide in sync with the expanding screen, creating a seamless digital tapestry that never ceases to amaze.

Meet, Talk, and Connect On-the-Go
The large screen supports high resolution MeeTime video calls with up to 12 parties, and voice pickup within 3 meters with the Super Hands-free call feature, turning your chats, conferences, and conversations into ultra-engaging sessions!

4,600 mAh
Large-capacity battery to power your digital life.

66 W
HUAWEI SuperCharge with a parallel charging structure for a fast and balanced boost.

Graphene Liquid Cooling System
Enhanced heat dissipation, thanks to a groundbreaking vapor chamber structure.

Sound All Around
The ultra-thin high-amplitude dual stereo speakers work in tandem with the AI sound engine to produce a fuller, richer sound field that will blow you away, and tug at your heart strings.

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