Merlin Moza Mini Mi Gimbal

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Keep your shoots creative and on the move with the lightweight Mini-MI Gimbal for Smartphones with a three-axis gimbal, fast startup, and wireless phone charging. The gimbal mount fits phones from 2.4 to 3.6" wide, and the unit can be launched with the gimbal arm on the left or right side. Quick and simple: No-tool adjustment algorithm, and simple operations save your time and effort.

High Runtime
While shooting, the Mini-MI can be powered by an external USB power source via its 5V 2A micro-USB port, and the camera mount features a wireless charging plate that can simultaneously charge a supported smartphone while shooting. The built-in 2100mAh lithium-ion battery has a maximum runtime of approximately ten hours.

Three-axis gimbal
The three-axis gimbal has 165° pitch, 310° roll, and 360° yaw which helps create sweeping panoramas. The gimbal’s motion can be controlled through eight follow modes for smooth, professional tracking shots, as well as allowing for manual control so you can choose the right position for your scene. You can also use Sport Gear mode to follow a fast-moving car without losing frames, Inception mode for a complex Dutch tilt-and-pan motion, or use the one-key functions for instant re-center or 180° flip for selfies.

Eight follow modes
All-locked, Yaw-follow, Roll-follow, Pitch-follow, All-follow, Roll-pitch follow, Roll-yaw follow, and Yaw-pitch follow.

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