Promate Finger Strap Phone Holder, Multifunction Finger Grip Stand with Reusable Adhesive, Kickstand Function and Quick-Snap Technology for Smartphones and Tablets, KickStrap-1 Black

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Grab your smartphone with confidence using KickStrap-1. Easy to use and wear on your fingers after attaching it to your phone or case for the extra help in preventing your phone from sliding out of your hand. With KickStrap-1, your phone will rest comfortably in the palm of your hand, giving you more freedom in the way you hold your phone for those impeccable selfies. It also doubles up as a kickstand for easy convenience in or out of hand.


Unparalleled Smartphone Grip:
Hold your device with confidence without the fear of it falling with KickStrap-1. The Strap holder provides a potent grip when stuck on the surface. It can be used using any finger for a firm grip and that too at your preferred position.

Kickstand Function:
The phone finger Strap mount converts into a kickstand, which is quite helpful when watching videos or enjoying any other multimedia. The hands-free usage is an added advantage for professionals too.

Reusable Adhesive:
No worries if you place the Strap mount at the wrong place on your device. The Promate KickStrap-1 uses advanced adhesive technology, which allows the user to change places of the Strap mount as per their preference.

Fully Case Compatible:
With the Promate KickStrap-1 Loop, you don't need to remove your device from its case to use this useful Loop, no matter how big or bulky it is! It will work just as well in its case, saving valuable time without you having to compromise on protection. All you need is a flat area and it will apply to any case with ease.

Fabric Phone Loop:
Strap instead of the metal provides a more comfortable touch feeling when the finger grips the strap.

Strong Finger Strap:
The phone finger strap is highly durable and can easily withstand the weight of any smartphone available in the market currently.

Slim Pocket-Friendly Design:
Anti-drop, anti-theft, slim pocket-friendly design is engineered with user convenience in mind.

Easy Installation:
Simply stick the KickStrap-1’s adhesive metallic Strap mount to the back of your device. You can reposition the mount as per your phone holding preference because of quick-snap technology.

Universal Compatibility:
KickStrap-1 supports smartphones irrespective of all sizes, even with the case on.

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