Promate Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 12, 2-in-1 Mag-Safe 15W Fast Wireless Charger with Adjustable Neck and Anti-Slip 5W Charging Pad for iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/AirPods 2/AirPods Pro, AurBase-15W Grey

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With 15W fast charging and quick magnetic alignment, AuraBase-15W is the ultimate wireless charger for all your wireless charging devices. The 2-in-1 design lets you charge both an iPhone 12 and Airpods simultaneously saving you both time and charging space. Wirelessly charge with confidence with AuraBase-15W.


2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand:
The Promate AuraBase-15W 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand combines the power of dual wireless charging with the convenience of hands-free magnetic attachment. Designed for iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max and AirPods Pro, the Stand features a built-in magnetic charger and a designated wireless charging pad to power both devices with ease.

15W Fast Wireless Charging:
The Promate AuraBase-15W wireless charger offers fast wireless charging up to 15W. This means that your phone will be able to charge quickly and allow you to get on with your day, without the stress.

Magnet Design Specially for iPhone 12 Series:
Just put iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12/12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max on the front of the wireless charging pad, they will be automatically matched and charging starts; Don’t have trouble finding the right place for wireless charging anymore.

Easy Magnetic Alignment:
Just place your iPhone 12 on the stand, it will automatically align the phone charging area which provides strong magnetic force and efficient charging. There will be no need to constantly have to move your phone around till the magnets align, as the charger will simply click on your iPhone easily and effectively.

Multi-Angle Support:
An adjustable hinge lets you place your device at an optimum viewing angle. The phone charging stand can be adjusted up and down to choose a better view.

Charge at Any Angle:
The magnetic charging station can charge your iPhone 12 vertically or horizontally, which offers a floating-like experience that will free your hands or cervical. You will enjoy it so much when videoconferencing in portrait or simply rotate to watch videos in landscape.

Wireless Charging for AirPods:
The Promate AuraBase-15W includes a designated wireless charging pad for your AirPods Pro with a grooved indentation for perfect placement and to prevent it from sliding around.

FOD Protection:
Thermal protection sensor and foreign object detection provide fast and safe wireless charging.

Simultaneous Charge:
Just place your iPhone 12 on the stand, the Magnetic tech will automatically align the could to provide precise and efficient charging. Place your AirPods Pro on the bottom charging pad and enjoy a fast and simultaneous charging experience. iPhone 12 supported 7.5W Fast Charging and 2.5W for Airpods Pro.

Smart and Safe charging Solution:
Unique individual LED lights to indicate the charging status of your smartphone and earbuds at the same time. Qi Certified integrated smart chip keeps this wireless charging stand from over-charging, over-heating and short-circuit, providing a safe and secure charging environment.

Case Friendly Charging:
No need to go through the hassle of having to take your cases off before placing your devices to charge with the wireless charging pad, AuraBase-15W works perfectly well with your respective phone cases. (NOTE: Cases made of metal, or metal ring, magnets, cards, grips might interfere with charging.

Anti-slip Base:
The bottom of the Magnetic wireless charger stand comes with non-slip silicone pads that give you a stable and safe charging experience, suitable for any flat desk.

Efficient USB-C Connectivity:
Seeing the current trend of the USB interface, the AuraPad-15W features the latest USB-C connectivity to offer faster and reliable power support for efficient charging to your various compatible devices. Connect the USB-C Cable for high-speed charge right away.

Compatible with Qi Charging:
As well as working with the iPhone 12 range through the MagSafe technology, along with AirPods and also compatible with wireless charging cases and any iPhones later than the iPhone 8 due to its Qi charging compatibility and other Qi-enabled Devices Like Galaxy Note 21 Ultra/Note 21/ Galaxy S21/ S21 Plus/ S21 Ultra/ Galaxy S20/ S20 Plus/ S20 Ultra/Galaxy Note 10 Plus; 10W(max) for Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/S10/Note 9/ Note 8, Samsung Buds, Buds Live and more.

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