Promate USB-C to USB-C Thunderbolt 3 Cable with 240W PD, 8K @60Hz and 40Gbps Data Speed, PowerBolt240-1M

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Charge at lightning speeds with PowerBolt240-1M, supporting a max charging power of 240W. This versatile cable also supports data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps and 8K@60Hz video. PowerBolt240-1M is compatible with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The reinforced PVC resists abrasion even when pulled or stretched which ensures a 10000+ bend lifespan.


Ultimate USB-C to USB-C Fast-Charging Cable:
PowerBolt240-1M is the perfect single-cable solution with Thunderbolt-3 for experiencing high-quality audio/video viewing, data transfer, and fast charging simultaneously for every platform and device with a USB-C port. Connect USB-C devices/adapters to USB-C smartphones, tablets, or laptops. No more worrying about your broken cable wires or slow charging cords, upgrade to experience premium quality and durability with this USB-C Cable.

240W USB-C Power Delivery for USB-C Devices:
This cable's superior USB-C power delivery ensures you'll be able to use it for many devices. Charge all your devices, including laptops, at 240W charging speeds using a 240W or above adapter. This cable is compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Air, Surface Book 2, Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+/ S22 Ultra/ S21/S22+/ S21 Ultra/S20/S21/S10/S10+/S9/S8/Note 8/Note 9, OnePlus 9 Plus, Dell XPS 15 /XPS 13, Galaxy Book, Chromebook, Chromebook Pixel, and all other USB-C compatible laptops, tablets and more.

Supports High-Resolution 8K UHD Display:
Enjoy perfect streaming of videos in crisper and sharper resolution on a larger screen, by expanding your workstation with PowerBolt240-1M. It supports DP Alt mode and offers streaming without any blur or distortion at 8K@60Hz video output function and premium audio quality for an absolute viewing experience.

Superb 40Gbps Bandwidth Transmission Speed:
Experience the ultra-fast transfer speed of up to 40Gbps with the incredible PowerBolt240-1M cable. Now enjoy transferring your photos, music, videos, or documents like never-before between your two USB-C compatible devices.

Easy Simultaneous Charging and Syncing:
This premium quality cable allows you to connect your USB-C compatible laptop or desktop to your USB-C compatible devices to charge and exchange/sync data simultaneously and at ultra-fast speed.

Built-to-Last 10000+ Bend Lifespan:
This USB-C cable's shielding supports a 10000+ bend lifespan, 10x the amount other cables can withstand. Every component of the Promate PowerBolt240-1M cable is designed to promote durability and reliability, along with super-fast charging.

Reversible USB-C Connectors on Both Sides:
No more struggling to find the right side to plug in your charging cable. Both the USB-C connectors of the PowerBolt240-1M are reversible. This means that you can quickly connect to your devices or adapters without having to worry about which direction the cable is in.

USB-C Thunderbolt 3 Compatibility:
PowerBolt240-1M is designed to work perfectly with USB-C Thunderbolt 3 compatible devices and make your High-Quality displays as easy as possible. It helps in creating a most versatile connection to any display or data device. Thunderbolt 3 cables are mostly used for connecting docking stations, high-performance data storage solutions, peer-to-peer networking, and more.

Ideal Length 100cm Cable for Superior Convenience:
With an ideal length of 100 centimeters, the PowerBolt240-1M USB-C cable provides convenient use while charging. This durable cable does not tangle even when wrapped around an adapter or stuffed in a bag.

Highly Durable Cable with Nylon Braiding:
PowerBolt240-1M is made from nylon braiding, to ensure that the copper core inside the cable is not damaged due to external tension. It is very strong and firm. The reinforced PVC resists abrasion even when pulled or stretched.

Superior Quality Gold Plated Connectors:
The Promate PowerBolt240-1M comes with gold-plated, corrosion-resistant connectors, that deliver optimal signal transfer with lower distortion at the point of contact. The gold-plated Connector also minimizes signal loss and gives you perfect and stable viewing.

Wide Compatibility:
PowerBolt240-1M is skillfully designed for the variety of USB-C Thunderbolt 3 Ports and is widely compatible with Thunderbolt 3 & USB-C Gadgets like USB Hub, Docking Station, Razer Core, and devices like iPad Pro, iPad Air, Surface Book 2, Samsung Galaxy S22/S22+/ S22 Ultra/ S21/S22+/ S21 Ultra/S20/S21/S10/S10+/S9/S8/ Note 8/Note 9, Google Pixel 5, Google Pixel 4A, Oppo Find X3 Pro, OnePlus 9 series, Xiaomi Mi 11, Sony Xperia 1 III and all other USB-C laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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