Promate USB Desktop Microphone, High Definition Omni-Directional USB Microphone with Flexible Gooseneck, Mute Touch Button, LED Indicator and Built-In Anti-Tangle Cord for PC, Laptop, Recording, Gaming, ProMic-1

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Keep background noise away and record with confidence using this high-definition microphone, ProMic-1. This omnidirectional microphone lets you record and streams with ultimate flexibility as it sports gooseneck design with height adjustment. ProMic-1 is perfect for anyone looking to get studio-like recording at home. ProMic-1 boasts a one-touch button to mute the microphone. Simply plug in the microphone to your device, and you are good to go.


Superior Sound Quality:
Built-in High Definition Sound can effectively block the noise and eliminate echo, enables you to enjoy clearer voice for hassle-free communication, better than traditional computer microphone.

Omnidirectional Clarity:
ProMic-1 is the perfect choice for recording audio, streaming, video conferencing and gaming, as it features an omnidirectional pickup pattern that’s able to pick up everything around it with utmost clarity at no quality cost. This means that you can place it in any direction you desire, and it will still be able to hear you perfectly.

Convenient Mute Button with LED Indicator:
Mute and unmute on the fly during conferences and calls using the one-touch mute solution that the microphone offers, with the mute button, placed conveniently in the center that instantly cuts off the signal from the microphone. Built-in LED indicator tells you the working status at any time

Studio Recording Quality:
Whether you’re going to voice call or do a podcast with this microphone, you will be able to capture your voice in utmost clarity with a frequency spectrum that covers all your vocal range with up to 16KHz and as low as 50Hz frequency response.

360 Degree Adjustments Gooseneck Design:
The adjustable neck gives you freedom in changing the height, angle and orientation of the microphone as you use it with practically limitless flexing. This also allows you to pack it up in a compact form and take it on the go with you.

Equipped with a Pop Filter:
Control plosive sounds that are heard in letters like ‘P’ and ‘B’ by using the pop filter that comes equipped on the microphone with a premium foam-like texture that is specifically made to block out the unwanted aggressive sounds.

Extremely Compact Design:
ProMic-1 boasts a perfectly compact shape that takes up as little space as possible while maintaining high-quality audio input in all environments. With this design, you can carry it around in your backpack with it taking much space, and it will blend in anywhere thanks to its premium look.

No Interference or Breaks:
Capture your voice seamlessly with a continuous and reliable connection using a dependable USB connection that prevents any interruptions during your conferences, podcasts, streams or recording sessions.

Built To Last:
Made from reinforced plastic and metal interior reinforcement, extra-strong and durable. Very stable on its stand.

Plug and Play with USB:
Enjoy a streamlined experience with the easy setup of the ProMic-1. The microphone will start working as soon as you plug it into a desktop or laptop device and it installs all the necessary drivers automatically if needed.

Universal Compatibility:
Strong Functional - Stand Microphone ideal for gaming, skype conversations, audio recordings and speech recognition. Compatible with all brands (Apple, Asus, etc.) and all OS such as Windows, OS X, Linux

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