Twelve South - HiRise Stand for Macbook Laptops

Sale priceDhs. 299.00


HiRise aligns your MacBook or laptop with an external display for the ultimate dual screen setup
Non slip arms hold and protect all size MacBooks from 11 inch Air to 15 inch Pro
Rear piston easily adjusts the height of your MacBook Laptop up to 6 inches
Elevate MacBook Laptop for improved airflow cooling quieter performance and out of harms way
Made from aluminum for a sturdy stance and an easy grab and go situation

HiRise for MacBook is a height adjustable desktop stand that lets you elevate your MacBook to your most comfortable viewing height. With its spring loaded piston, you can customize the height of your MacBook for improved ergonomics. HiRise has two silicone-lined arms that grip your MacBook, while the elevation providies maximum airflow around your Mac. Set HiRise for MacBook to your optimal viewing height, pair with a keyboard and mouse, and get down to business. If you prefer two screens, HiRise lets you set the horizon of your MacBook to the same height as your Apple Display for the ultimate dual-screen setup.

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